Here at AE we have consistently been asked to help and advise with Club and Live installations. This prompted a Rise in Clients asking us to Alter, Improve or Fix their current Installations which we gladly did. After successful results we were asked to do our first Full Club Install in 2012 at ‘CINEMA PARADISO’ with very happy clients and finding that we really enjoyed the process. We have since been asked to do a number of bars / clubs in both a Fresh Install and Current Install Maintenance Roles which we do with enthusiasm.

Fresh Installs
- Cinema Paradiso
– Heebie Jeebies full club refit coming soon
- Constellations
– The Conti
– Completely fitted the long awaited reopening of the JACKARANDA and Record store
– KAZIMIER GARDEN – Full install for summer, Full system move and reinstall for WINTER GARDEN
– 24 Kitchen Street – Full Live System Install
New bar on berry street coming soon
New Venture in seal street soon, watch this space
New venture imminent on carlton street - very soon!

Maintenance Roles
- Heebie Jeebies – All 3 Floors serviced and re-tuned, Drivers replaced, Zone control changes
– Cinema Paradiso – Full DJ area moved, Amps and control relocated, Rewired
– KAZIMIER – Full system Overhall, CABS and AMPS serviced, New and Reallocation of amps for best Performance, Driveracks setup
– ATTIC parr street – System tune, relocation of Media Devices and Cloud Zone control to new location, Full rewire.

Support / Maintenance Roles
We Currently offer support Roles to the Following bars (as well as the aforementioned)
- Mello Mello
– Salt Dog Slims
– Santa Chipitos
– El Bandito
– Haus
– Peacock
– Envi

Please get in contact if you require any advice or assistance with any install requirements!









24 Kitchen Street


Wigan Rugby Club